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En esta sección presentamos los artículos de investigación producidos por los miembros y contactos de AMARUN. Estos artículos son originales y su descarga es totalmente libre. Las versiones presentadas aquí pueden diferir de las versiones publicadas.


Nr. Fecha Título Autor
78 24.02.2020 Weak suitable solutions for 3D MHD equations for intermittent initial data Pedro Fernandez & Oscar Jarrin
78 24.02.2020 W P
33 11.03.2013 Sobolev-like cones of trace-class operators on unbounded domains: interpolation inequalities and compactness properties Juan Mayorga
32 23.10.2012 Non-local diffusion equations with Lévy-type operators anddivergence free drift Diego Chamorro
31 07.12.2012 Real Interpolation method, Lorentz spaces and refined Sobolev inequalities Diego Chamorro
30 06.01.2012 Desigualdades logarítmicas de Gagliardo-Nirenberg mejoradas sin constantes optimales Diego Chamorro
29 15.12.2011 Algunas herramientas matematicas para la economia y las finanzas: el movimiento Browniano y la integral de Wiener. Diego Chamorro
28 06.11.2011 A coupled Schrödinger equations with time-oscillating nonlinearity Xavier Carvajal, P. Gamboa & M. Panthee
27 26.10.2011 A remark on admissible triples for the generalized KdV equation Xavier Carvajal
26 25.10.2011 General probability weighted moments for the three-parameter Weibull Distribution and their application in S-N curves modelling Paul Toasa
25 10.06.2011 Three new upper bounds on the chromatic number Maria Soto, André Rossi & Marc Sevaux
24 12.04.2011 Remarks on a fractional diffusion transport equation with applications to the dissipative quasi-geostrophic Diego Chamorro
23 04.12.2010 A mathematical model and a metaheuristic approach for a memory allocation problem Maria Soto, André Rossi & Marc Sevaux
22 02.11.2010 A counterexample for improved Sobolev inequalities over the 2-adic group Diego Chamorro
21 04.10.2010 Louchowski's equation: rate of convergence of the Marcus - Lushnikov process Eduardo Cepeda
20 16.09.2010 Some functional inequalities on polynomial volume growth Lie groups Diego Chamorro
19 09.09.2010 Scheduling supply chain node with fixed components arrivals and two partially flexible deliveries Susana Carrera
18 27.08.2010 Scheduling problems for logistic platforms with fixed staircase component arrivals and various deliveries hypotheses Susana Carrera
17 01.04.2010 On uniqneness and decay of solution for Hirota equation Xavier Carvajal & M. Panthee
16 28.03.2010 Persistence of solutions to higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equation Xavier Carvajal & W. Neves
15 28.02.2010 The effects of reducing mating likelihood on population viability Luis Gordillo
14 28.02.2010 q-Hausdorff summability Luis Gordillo
13 04.02.2010 Stochastic epidemic modeling Luis Gordillo
12 11.06.2009 Outils d’aide à la décision pour le lissage de charges des plateformes Susana Carrera
11 26.02.2008 Modèle linéaire pour le lissage de charge d'une plateforme Susana Carrera
10 30.03.2007 Portafolio de consumo. Problema de Merton Eduardo Cepeda
9 30.03.2007 Cálculo estocástico y finanzas de mercado Eduardo Cepeda
8 03.05.2007 On the local well-posedness for some systems of coupled KdV equations Borys Alvarez & Xavier Carvajal
7 27.02.2007 Improved Sobolev Inequalities and Muckenhoupt weights on stratified Lie groups Diego Chamorro
5 10.11.2005 Multiplicity and concentration for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with critical frequency Juan Mayorga
4 24.08.2005 A priori estimates for solutions of a nonlinear dispersive equation Xavier Carvajal
3 30.04.2005 Sharp global well-posedness for a higher order Schrödinger equation Xavier Carvajal
2 31.06.2003 Well-posedness for a higher order Nonlinear Schrödinger equation in Sobolev spaces of negative indices Xavier Carvajal


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